Our Vinyl Tiles

Designed for everyday life

Vinyl tiles are a range of luxury vinyl floors designed for everyday life. The wide range of different designs and colours makes it easy to find a floor that will match your individual interior style.
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We also have a range of exquisite kitchen floor tiles that really help to bring together the entire feel of the room. More and more kitchens are now forming part of a wider living area within the home, and we have a range of tiles in stock that support a spacious aesthetic many homeowners are looking to create. Choose from sophisticated polished porcelain in sleek soft tones, sparkling quartz floor tiles for real drama or on-tend concrete effect floor tiles for an industrial feel.

Other options within our range include beautiful natural stone like tiles that allow for a classic or country feel to be created. These come in a selection of great colours and styles.

A wide range of different designs and colours makes it easy to find a floor that will match your individual interior style.

The right flooring is one of the cornerstones of a beautiful home. It should look good, be comfortable to walk on and functional for daily use. Factors that can influence your choice include appearance, feel, colour, space and care. We offer a broad assortment of vinyl floors to suit all tastes and interiors, with all the durability and advantages of modern flooring technology.

Floor, walls and ceiling. Three elements that give a room its feel. It’s also the play between these elements that can influence how we experience a room, with different colours, patterns and light. The base is the floor, providing weight and character. But your floor should also interact with your furniture and other features, so consider the entire room when choosing. Our vinyl floors come in a large selection of looks so you can find the one that fits all aspects of your room.

A vinyl floor is much more than something you walk on. Look at it as the foundation of your home, which must work with all other details you add to it. Since your floor’s appearance is more permanent than the colour of the walls or ceiling, you should choose a vinyl floor that functions as a base for all furnishings. Our Luxury Tiles series features vinyl floors in a variety of styles of imitation wood and stone; light, dark, lively, calming and everything in between. You’re sure to find something that feels just right for your home.