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The first step onto your freshly laid carpet will let you know you made the right choice. The perfect carpet can transform your home providing a comfortable, cushioned feel underfoot, and a luxurious space to relax, as well as a soft landing for small kids. There’s really no substitute when it comes to sound absorption, warmth and overall comfort. Compared to other flooring types, choosing a carpet has many benefits. Here’s just a few reasons why carpet is the right choice for your home.

Nothing quite compares to that feeling of soft, luxurious carpet under your feet, or that lovely, distinctive smell of freshly laid carpet. Carpets provide a safe, comfortable spot for kids to play and add a touch of luxury and warmth to any room. With so many different types, colours, materials and designs of carpets to choose from, it can be difficult to choose the best carpet for your home. Whether it’s choosing the right type of carpet, looking for inspiration, or even helping you budget and cost out your project.


Carpet types to choose from



Soft, Deep Pile

Sinking your feet into a soft, Deep Pile carpet adds a touch of luxury. Ideal for bedrooms, deep, soft pile carpets can also be used on stairs or lounges for an extra touch of comfort. Developments in technology have led to softer, silky fibres such as ‘Finesse’ and ‘Luxelle’, which reflect light on the pile, creating a sumptuous, silk like effect.

Wool Loop

Ideal for a classic country cottage or contemporary town house, our Wool Loop pile carpets are made in a choice of textured or level pile surfaces, as well as striped designs. Loop Pile carpets in durable European and New Zealand wool can stand heavy traffic and don’t show foot marks, but don’t work well with cat’s claws or abrasive training shoes.


“I’ve got a wool carpet right on the entrance to this shop. It’s been there 20 years and never been cleaned, so you can’t tell me that wool carpet can’t look good!”

Easy Clean Twist

Easy-Clean Twist carpets, are ideal for families & homes with pets. The yarn used is tightly twisted and with a cut pile finish, provides a textured pile surface. Made with man-made polypropylene fibre, our Easy-Clean twist collection has natural, in-built stain resistance. They are bleach cleanable and come with a 10-year Stain & Wear Warranty.

Wool Twist

Natural, versatile and ideal for all around the home, our Wool Twist carpets are available in a choice of plain, flecked and heather shades. Wool is a natural choice due to it’s in-built resilience, which enables it to bounce back and recover from foot traffic. All the wool yarns used in our carpets are treated with a moth resistant coating for extra peace of mind.

Why wool? The benefits of wool

The design world is in the midst of a so-called wool renaissance. Across the globe, more and more designers, retailers and shoppers are realising the unique benefits of this wonderful fabric. From its aesthetics to its eco-credentials – it’s nature’s own high-performance fibre.

The ultimate in cosiness

When discussing the benefits of wool, there’s one thing that instantly jumps to mind: cosiness. Good quality wool is soft, warm and invitingly cosy. There’s a reason that sheep are so content with being out in a blustery field all day! Synthetic materials just don’t come close to the tactile benefits of real wool.

On a more scientific note, wool is a natural insulator. This means it absorbs sound, helping to sound-proof your home. It also absorbs heat and releases it slowly – not only will this keep your home nice and warm in the winter, it will also help regulate the warmer temperatures in the summer. It really is a fabric for all seasons!

Wool is also highly absorbent and a natural humidistat, meaning that it can help remove excess moisture from the air. In fact, wool carpets can hold 33% of their own weight in water before they feel wet. This enables a wool carpet to help control the humidity of a room – which is ideal for properties prone to damp or mould.


Health and safety

Have you ever heard that hard floors are the best choice for allergy sufferers? Well, sorry to disappoint – it’s not true. Floors like wood and laminate allow allergens and dust to freely travel in the air, which can actually make symptoms more pronounced.

On the other hand, wool carpets and rugs can actively cleanse the air by removing these unwanted impurities for up to 30 years. Wool can even remove formaldehyde and nasty volatile organic chemicals, like those found in paint, hairspray, glue and nail polish. And did we mention that wool is antibacterial? Not bad for a simple floor covering!

Another unusual feature of wool is its ability to inhibit (and even extinguish) fires. That’s right – a wool carpet could literally save a life. Due to its natural flame-retardant features, wool is self-extinguishing and does not melt like synthetic fibres. It won’t give off any nasty toxic fumes either, which minimises the risk of dangerous smoke inhalation. So all in all, wool carpets are probably the safest and healthiest choice you could make for your home.